Robert – 43 – Web Developer – Minneapolis


I recently embarked on my second phase in life as an animator, web developer, and new media artist after 20 years of globetrotting in the Air Force. I have a passion for programming that pushes me to constantly learn new techniques to expand my skill set.

When I am not immersed in a block of code or thumbnailing ideas for a new project, you will often find me salsa dancing, digging for vinyl records, and geeking out on movies and TV shows from all genres.

Favorites (hover / click to see name)

  • music

    • Alex Isley
    • The Foreign Exchange
    • Marie Dahlstrom
    • Kwabs
    • Electric Wire Hustle
  • movies

    • The Incredibles
    • Iron Man
    • The Avengers
    • The Five Heartbeats
    • Mo Better Blues
  • publications

    • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
    • How To Be Black by Baratunde Thurston
  • I am BlerdNation because...

    For the longest time I believed there were very few of us in the world. Blerdnation is a place I can talk about comics, coding, anime, and sci-fi knowing there will be others that share that passion and will join the conversation. Now that I have started connecting with other blerds over social media there is no turning back.

  • Who is your blerd role model? Why?

    Bill Cosby. He embodies all the things I try to strive to be as a blerd. His emphasis on humor and intelligence have always appealed to me. Many of us are too young to remember, but Bill was also one of the coolest men on the planet back in the late 70's and early 80's. Finally, he is a Philadelphia native like me which added to the connection I feel for him.

  • How do you stay connected to other blerds?

    I am an avid Twitter user and find it is a fantastic way to stay connected with other blerds.

  • What’s your most awkward blerd moment?

    I attended a Catholic elementary school and was the only black child. When a small group of friends and I wanted to start playing Dungeons & Dragons we were nearly expelled from school. Even though we dodged that, we received a lot of grief from the other kids during recess as we sat outside playing our D&D campaign.

  • What’s your favorite word/phrase?

    Boom! I'm not exactly sure when I picked it up. It has replaced "blazing" and "tight" in my vocabulary.

  • What are your goals/passions?

    My career goal is to use my coding and design skills to help bring clarity to important topics using data visualization. My passions include salsa dancing and vinyl records; when I mix the two sparks fly!

  • What are you listening to, watching, or reading that impacts you or that is giving you a different perspective?

    I recently read both How To Be Black and Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness. It was cathartic to hear stories similar to my own about the trials and tribulations of growing up in America as a young black man.

  • Are there any famous, or not-so-famous, people that you think would be a great addition to BlerdNation?

    My best friend from childhood, James, would be perfect if I could get him to spend more time online.

  • What advice would you give to other blerds?

    Do you! I went through a period in my adult life when I attempted to suppress my true self to fit in. It was the most unfulfilling period in my lifetime. Never hide yourself to be with a certain person or group. It won't end well.

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