Henry – Geek Soul Brother – New Jersey


I'm a Christian brother that grew up in the late 60s and 70s. From that time I fell in love with Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror stuff. I've been a computer tech, I'm a husband and father, and I run a blog and podcast - geeksoulbrother.com

Favorites (hover / click to see name)

  • movies

    • John Carpenter's THE THING
    • Forbidden Planet
    • Colossus: The Forbin Project
    • Master Killer (36th Chamber of Shaolin)
    • Five Deadly Venoms
  • publications

    • Princess of Mars by Edger Rice Burroughs
    • They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima
    • The Uncanny X-Men comic run by Chris Claremont and John Byrnes
    • Making Movies by Sidney Lumet
    • Isaac Asimov
  • music

    • Queen
    • Sting
    • Stevie Wonder
    • Conan the Barbarian (1982) Soundtrack - Basil Poledouris
    • Fire and Desire by Rick James and Teena Marie
  • I am BlerdNation because...

    I'm all about Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. My parents took me to see things like JAWS, GODZILLA and LOGAN'S RUN when I was a child. I've collected comics and action figures, bought fantasy art books by Frazetta and Vallejo, and was even in the Astronomy club in H.S. I can talk about the nerd universe for hours (which is why I podcast), and I've probably watched more classic Sci-fi and monster movies than most people even know about. And I've done all of this while maintaining a comfortable degree of melanin throughout my lifetime.

  • Who is your blerd role model? Why?

    Henry Louis Gates Jr. because he teaches people to embrace their heritage, but doesn't hit you over the head. Cornel West because he's smart, out spoken, and has the best hair since Frederick Douglass.

  • How do you stay connected to other blerds?

    Twitter and hijacking my brother's and sister's podcasts.

  • What’s your most awkward blerd moment?

    There are so many. Most of the time it's to do with explaining how something in a science fiction story can or can't work, and the person I'm talking to sees that I'm waaaayyy to into this stuff. Conversation usually ends with "Yeah, that's interesting... hey I have to go and do that thing... I have to do... see ya."

  • What’s your favorite word/phrase?

    I say 'Awesome' a lot. And I've been known to scream CONAN while running down the football field. When proving a point, I start off with "I'm gonna tell you one thing..." followed by several things. I'm not the kind of blerd that says Sci-fi catch phrases like "Live Long and Prosper".

  • What are your goals/passions?

    I love talking to people and hearing their stories. You can learn something about life from anybody. It's one of the reasons I love podcasting so much. I eventually want to make films. Science fiction stories mostly. And I want to help other people produce their projects. Also I love teaching.

  • What are you listening to, watching, or reading that impacts you or that is giving you a different perspective?

    Dan Miller's 48 Days podcast is very positive and uplifting. Sidebar Nation does a podcast where they interview artists and creatives in the world of illustration and comics. Aisha Tyler interviews people that have great stories of success.

  • Are there any famous, or not-so-famous, people that you think would be a great addition to BlerdNation?

    I can't say who they would be specifically, but I've met some wonderful nerds of color, and nerds in general, that appreciate who I am - an older black guy that geeks-out with the best of them.

  • What advice would you give to other blerds?

    You have to overcome the hesitancy of being a nerd or geek. Don't let feelings of embarrassment or not 'fitting in' stop you from being who you are. Especially in the black community, where the idea of being 'cool' seems so prevalent. Find your fellow geeks, nerds or blerds to hang out with, and forget the haters. Join Twitter and use the hashtag #blerd.
    And stop being afraid of starting something just because it's not perfect. So what if you're not that great at writing, or public speaking. Start that book or podcast. Just start it, and fix it as you go.
    Finally, get your hands on some technology and learn as much as you can about it. Whatever you're doing, computers, mobile devices and software can help you do it better.

  • Favorite Super-Hero?

    The Vision from The Avengers. That's one cool android brother.

  • Favorite Black Character in Sci-Fi?

    Commander Benjamin Sisko of course.

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