What is BlerdNation?

BlerdNation (BN) is where we, Black Nerds (Blerds), find out what other Blerds are up to and into.
It’s positivity.
It’s encouragment.
It’s highlighting the black community in a unique way.
It’s bringing blerdlove to the world.

Why the need for BlerdNation?

Right now there's no platform to showcase the amazing things us Blerds are doing and what drives us to do it. That’s what BN is: a place to encourage young and old: it's okay to venture away from the norm. Alone, we are blerds; together, we are BlerdNation.

BlerdNation Giving Back.

A percentage of our revenue from advertisement and merchandise sales goes to non-profits that help our community. Use our contact form (Subject: Non-profit) to recommend blerd-oriented non-profits that you think deserve BN’s support.

How BlerdNation Came About.

Maybe you’ve heard the word “blerd.” Maybe you’ve been called a “blerd.” If you wear that title with pride, this is a place for you. You’re unique, but you’re not alone. BN is a place for us to share our ideas, combat stereotypes and make connections.

How You Can Help BlerdNation.

Tell your friends, family, other Blerds. Build the blerd movement. Keep doing what you’re doing. Participate in your community. Bring good energy to the site. And rock BN gear (coming soon).

Send us Blerds that are doing big things and contributing to general Blerd-ness through our contact form (Subject: BlerdAlert).

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