Edna – 34 – Interior Designer/Artist – Gary, Indiana (currently Memphis, TN)


Interior Designer, Crafter, DJ, Artist, Futurist, Writer, Poet, Critical Thinker, Forward Thinker, Pisces, Fashionista, Nerdy Girl, Flirty Girl, the combined element of a Seamstress Home Maker and a Steel Worker who is a Sci-Fi Fanatic and a DJ. Soon to launch a blog and other projects (to soon to give any details).

Favorites (hover / click to see name)

  • music

    • Erykah Badu
    • Kelis
    • Little Dragon
    • Esthero
    • Eric Roberson
  • movies

    • What Dreams May Come (1998)
    • The Fifth Element (1997)
    • The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
    • Fist of The North Star (1986)
    • The Matrix (1999)
  • publications

    • The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson
    • Anything written by Eric Jerome Dickey
    • Popular Science Magazine
    • Dwell Magazine
    • House Beautiful Magazine
  • I am BlerdNation because...

    I am the element of my surroundings, a product of my environment, branching out to be part of a moving force with in the confines of which I willing to break out of.

  • Who is your blerd role model? Why?

    Erykah Badu. It was 1997, my senior year of high school, and a sound radiated on the radio that spoke to my soul. Her lyrics, her style, her "aura" if you will, woke me up out of a slumber and started me on a path of becoming who I am today. I have been one of her biggest fan ever since.

  • How do you stay connected to other blerds?

    Well in this age of social media, mostly through Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest for me, although I would love to meet most of them in person at a social club conducive to my kind.

  • What’s your most awkward blerd moment?

    I had a really hard time with this question because I just could not narrow down one awkward moment. I feel Like my whole world is awkward to be honest. Maybe my aunt calling me and one of my older cousin nerds because we like Alternative and Rock music, she can't understand that our generation was the early MTV generation, they didn't play that many Black artist on that station back then.

  • What’s your favorite word/phrase?

    "Brain Fart" you know that moment when your mind is going 100 miles an hour and all of the sudden you get stuck on what you were trying to say and you can't get it out. But I guess it would make more sense if it was called a "Brain Constipation" right?

  • What are your goals/passions?

    I have so many...but the one I want to focus on right now is to start or even be a part of a futurist network of people who want to educate, discuss, and socialize about how to make our future better. Another is to become a Sustainable Design Consultant, Helping people live a better and sustainable lifestyle, including Geriatric Living, Residential, Commercial Facilities & Education Facilities.

  • What are you listening to, watching, or reading that impacts you or that is giving you a different perspective?

    I LOVE Scandal, The Walking Dead, The Following, just to name a few TV shows. I like shows that make me think "What would I do in that situation?". I'm really starting to get into listening to a few people on Blog-talk Radio, the topics are intriguing and informative. I read a variation of books and online articles and blogs. Most of them are about history and entrepreneurship.

  • Are there any famous, or not-so-famous, people that you think would be a great addition to BlerdNation?

    So many people, I have their Twitter Names: @BlackGirlNerds @TheRayVolution, @CosmiqCloud @GeekSoulBrother that's just to name a few.

  • What advice would you give to other blerds?

    Be yourself, the best is yet to come, don't let anyone take your dreams away from you. There is a reason why those dreams were given to you in the first place. Only negative forces can take them away from you. Never ever give up.

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