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BlerdNation LLC will never sell or distribute any personal or contact information you provide. Your email address will never be given to anyone else.

Any comments posted have all rights reserved by this site. Including the right to edit out your typos, clean up your links, and even to edit, or delete entire comments that are inflammatory or inappropriate and do not please the administrators of the website. In order to make our comments useful and interesting, the following guidelines have been established for comment users:

Do not post threatening, harassing, defamatory, or libelous material

Do not intentionally make false or misleading statements

Do not offer to sell or buy any product or service

Do not post material that infringes copyright

Do not post information that you know to be confidential or sensitive or otherwise in breach of the law

Keep all comments relevant to the particular BlerdNation blog post where the comment is being posted.

BlerdNation LLC will not accept responsibility for information posted in the Comments, or the opinions expressed in any comments. which expressly belong only to the person making the comments, not to the staff or owner(s) of BlerdNation

If BlerdNation LLC receives notice that a comment post is not in keeping with these terms and conditions or the intended use of the comments, we reserve the right to remove that comment posting. The removal of any comment shall be solely at the discretion of BlerdNation LLC.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact BlerdNation

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