• Image Credit: Pew Research Center

    One Chart Proves Money Really Does Buy Happiness — To a Point

    from Mic

    "We like to say that money won't make us happy, mostly to keep spirits up about not being able to afford something. But it turns out on a global scale, money can buy happiness — at least to a certain extent."

  • Image Credit: Comics Alliance/ Dylan Todd

    Superheroes: New Superhero Movies Between Now And 2020

    from Comics Alliance

    "ComicsAlliance’s own graphics maestro Dylan Todd put together a timeline that reveals what those six years look like, including 29 confirmed release dates between now and the end of 2020, with several dates and titles still to be announced. For anyone who remembers the days when just one Spider-Man movie seemed an impossible dream, it’s an astonishing representation of how comic book superheroes now dominate popular entertainment."

  • 5 Tumblrs For Black Women That Love Books

    from Clutch Magazine

    Here are 5 great blogs/tumblrs for Black women who are interested in stories about them, from them.

  • Image Credit: flickeringmyth

    Warner Bros. eyeing Jaden Smith for Static Shock?

    from flickeringmyth

    "A few days ago it was announced that, as part of a new digital initiative dubbed Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. would be making a live-action Static Shock digital series."

  • ‘Archer’ Season 6 Preview: Cast and Crew on Rebranding and Dropping ISIS

    from The Daily Beast

    "One of the big reveals was that, due to recent events, the show would be dumping the name ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service)—the highly illegal New York City-based spy organization where Archer and Co. worked. "

  • Image Credit: Polygon

    There's a new Mortal Kombat live-action series coming

    from Polygon

    A live-action digital series is being created "in association" with Mortal Kombat X, Warner Bros. announced today... Few details are available about the project, which will "feature some of the franchise's most iconic characters as well as a new generation of fighters."

  • LeVar Burton Reads “Go the F*** to Sleep” (NSFW)

    from The Daily Beast

    NSFW: "After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this spring to relaunch the show, Burton stopped by Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life 24-hour webcast—a pledge drive raising money for children’s medical needs—this past weekend to read to adults for a change. Reading the bestselling children’s book for parents, Go the Fuck to Sleep, Burton had fun with his status as a known proponent of reading to kids."

  • Don Lemon: I Get Called Uncle Tom if I Don’t Push a Certain Narrative

    from The Root

    "CNN’s resident bastion of blackness is speaking out in support of recent comments by Charles Barkley about how black people tear each other down when one deems another “not black enough.” Barkley made the comments last week after a report that some Seattle Seahawks players thought Russell Wilson wasn’t black enough."

  • Image Credit: HBO

    I'm a Black Journalist. I'm Quitting Because I'm Tired of Newsroom Racism.

    from newrepublic

    "It’s a strange and incredibly demoralizing time to be a black person in American media. The words “racist and “racism” have cynically become clickbait, all while various newsrooms are claiming that they want to hire more writers and reporters and editors of color, but don’t."

  • Image Credit:

    How Differently A Couple Texts Before And After Getting Married

    from Buzzfeed

    Alice Zhao is the data scientist and blogger behind this texting project. Zhao analyzed texts from the first year she started dating her now-husband and texts from this year.

  • Image Credit: Getty

    Gamergate Goons Can Scream All They Want, But They Can’t Stop Progress

    from Wired

    "Forged in the fires of multibillion-dollar corporate interests, the modern notion of the “gamer” revolves centrally around young, middle-class men and their hobbies. But this image is increasingly at odds with the demographics of the people actually playing games: According to a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association, not only are 48 percent of people playing videogames today female, but there are more adult women playing games than boys under 18."

  • Does Janelle Monae Get The Shine She Deserves?

    from Clutch

    "But her latest single, the brilliant women’s empowerment anthem “Electric Lady” has yet to pierce pop culture’s collective consciousness the way that Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” did in 2008. Despite the well-deserved praise she’s received, the kind of visibility that saturates every corner of our culture and defines what it means to be a successful pop star in 2014 still seems to elude Janelle Monáe."

  • Image Credit: Tea & Breakfast

    So What if it Wasn’t Hands Up Don’t Shoot??

    from Tea & Breakfast

    "The release of the Mike Brown autopsy does not justify his murder, his being left in the street for hours, or his killer still being free."

  • Image Credit: DWP Trailer

    The Kind Of Racism That ‘Dear White People’ Overlooks

    from ThinkProgress

    "If you haven’t seen Dear White People, you should. It’s the first film in years to really confront black identities, of which there are many, in a sharp and funny way. The social commentary is meant for a large audience (despite the title) but is written, directed, and produced by black people on their own terms. It’s an important film because it examines the scale of racism that exists, from overt to subtle."

  • Image Credit: Thinkstock

    We Create More Jobs When Black Women-Owned Businesses Succeed

    from The Root

    "Each month, I discuss the monthly U.S. Department of Labor jobs report on CNBC’s Power Lunch, and the findings are often bittersweet. Economists generally feel that our country is making progress. In fact, this summer, unemployment reached its lowest rate in six years—hovering close to 6 percent. Yet, somehow, this improving trend continues to leave many African Americans behind."

  • Image Credit: Getty Images

    Will Smith Is Bringing 'Hitch' to Television

    from Mic

    "If your Tinder and OkCupid dates are not going well, Will Smith is here to help. Hitch, the 2005 romcom starring Smith as a professional dating consultant that brought in close to $370 million worldwide, is coming to television to solve all matters of the heart."

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron’s’ Trailer Leaks

    from The Daily Beast

    "The trailer for one of the most anticipated films of 2015 has leaked online and offers an embarrassment of riches, from a glimpse at Marvel’s pending Civil War to new cast members. Watch it here."

  • We Are Not Heroes: Why Black Activism Requires Mental and Emotional Care

    from The Visibility Project

    "In the 75 days that have passed since Mike Brown’s murder we’ve followed live-tweets, watched Vines and shared livestream links of the militarized responses to peaceful assembly, asking ourselves why an organized front on the part of law enforcement was deemed appropriate or necessary. But what many of us haven’t seen–and perhaps never will, at least not firsthand–is how civilians began the coping process after leaving the courthouses and police stations."

  • The Whiteness Project Exposes the Hardships of Being White in America

    from Clutch Mag Online

    "It’s so hard to be a white person in America. Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen. Well, The Whiteness Project is here to solve that and let America know about their sorrow."

  • Image Credit: Getty Images/Creatas RF

    Tech jobs: Minorities have degrees, but don't get hired

    from USA Today

    "Top universities turn out black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering graduates at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them, a USA TODAY analysis shows."

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