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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey Blerdnation this is your friendly neighborhood Black Chivalrous Nerd Denzel Lamar dropping through once again and do I have something for you guys. Now for the past few weeks I've been working on a little project on my own and I wanted to let you guys be the first ones to be a part of this project. Before I start let me just say that this project is very near and dear to me for personal reasons but also it's what my life would be if I was a Super Hero. So without any more hesitation, I give you guys the backstory to my Super Hero project entitled "Dragon Sage"

Dragon Sage Backstory

Isaiah Miller AKA Dragon Sage was just a normal 24 year old black man from Media, Pa until that day in August that changed his life and everything around him just as well, so let's get to the beginning of how he became the Quantum Super Hero known as Dragon Sage. Born November 18th in 1988, Isaiah Miller is the youngest of eight children courtesy of Barry and Denise Miller, who have brought four girls and three boys into the world prior to Isaiah being born. Growing up, Isaiah was always into comic books, pro wrestling, martial arts, anime, manga and video games. He was considered the odd one out of the guys in his family because unlike his older brothers and father, he wasn't a hardcore fan of football and basketball so he couldn't relate to them whenever they would talk about those two sports which was when he would turn to comics and read up on the adventures of Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Black Panther and many other comics.

When He was 7 years old, he became interested into martial arts so his parents enrolled him in the local Ryu-Kyu Kempo School in their town but Isaiah wanted to learn more so they also enrolled him in Tai Kwan Do, Ninjitsu and Capoeira. Isaiah was so focused and dedicated to all four of the arts that when he turned 12 years old, he was a 3rd degree black belt in all of them and was still craving more of a challenge. So with his parents’ permission, they let him begin training with weapons such as the Bo Staff (Long Staff), Escrimas (Dual Sticks), Single Katana (One handed Sword), Double Katana (Dual Swords), Daggers/Knives (Hand to hand combat and throwing them). By the time he turned 16 Years Old, he became a master in all of those weapons and he also became a 6th degree black belt in all four of his Martial Arts Techniques. Despite his Martial Arts Studies, Isaiah didn't let his academics fall behind either and in 12th grade he had graduated with a 3.0 GPA with A-'s and B+'s along with an occasional A here and there.

As stated earlier, Isaiah was the odd one in his family and the only person that he could actually relate to and talk to and feel like himself was his Paternal Grandfather. Growing up, everytime Isaiah’s grandfather came to town it was always a great time between the two. Little did Isaiah know, his grandfather was hiding a long time secret from him and the rest of Isaiah's siblings. Little did they know, their grandfather was born with superpowers and he went to fight crime as Shadow Hawk. Evil Doers would tremble if they heard that Shadow Hawk was after them. Whether it was his powers of flight and telekinesis or his intimidating physique, 85% of the criminals would give up without question while the other 15% would try their luck against him and end up in a jail cell licking their wounds.

The only people that knew of this secret was Isaiah's dad and his dad's two siblings and their mother. No one else knew of this secret because they believed that if no one knew of it, then there could finally be a sense of peace within the family. Well they thought there would be peace until that fateful day when the secret decided to expose itself but on it's own terms.

On August 27, 2013, Isaiah's entire world came crashing down because his grandfather, the man who was once known as Shadow Hawk, had lost the ultimate fight with life as he passed away due to cancer. Heartbroken and distraught, Isaiah left the house to get some fresh air and while he was just walking the streets of Media, he was crossing the street when he heard a car speeding towards him. Isaiah puts his hands up and yells at the driver to stop, when suddenly the car starts moving in slow motion while everything else surrounding Isaiah and the car is still moving around in normal time.

Shocked and in awe, Isaiah dropped his left hand and pushed his right hand towards the car and then the car snapped back to normal but this time, it was still running but it was frozen in one spot. The driver of the car along with Isaiah was in shock of what had just happened so the driver stopped the car ironically and took the key out of the ignition and got out of the car. Speechless and scared, Isaiah quickly ran from the scene and headed home. While he was running, he saw some trash lying around in his way so he jumped over them and as he jumped, he proceeded to levitate off of the ground uncontrollably and he kept on going higher and higher into the air.

Suddenly he landed onto the ground abruptly and he stops and looks back and examines himself wondering how in the world did he do that. Seconds later he proceeded to run home and while he is running home he runs into a couple of pedestrians and accidentally knocks one of them over. After the pedestrian fell over, he tried to get up but he couldn't because when Isaiah ran into him, his gravity was changed so that the stranger couldn't get up. Seeing this, Isaiah raised his left hand up into the air just to see what would happen and the pedestrian's gravity was changed back to normal. Isaiah apologized to the couple and continued to run home and it is when he gets home and tells his parents about what had happened is when his dad tells him about the family Secret.

"To Be Continued.........."

Sorry guys but I'm going to end this post with a cliffhanger. If you would like to read more then you have to stay tuned. Until next time, this is the Black Chivalrous Nerd saying Love, Peace and Bacon Grease Smoke Bombs Out

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