Not All Nerds Are Created Equal

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello there, I'd like to thank BlerdNation for accepting me into its' community and giving me the opportuntiy to contribute. It's cool to have a community of like-minded people who are open to expressing themselves. It's my hope that I can put forth content that at least one person (besides myself) can enjoy.

Now, I was struck by a thought when thinking of something to write for my first blog entry here. It was a simple question that entered my mind: why are "blerds" differentiating themselves from the general "nerd" community? Aren't all nerds the same?

No one person asked me this question personally, but I assume it would be a common thought share by people unfamiliar with the term "blerd". So, I thought I would share my opinion on these questions.

No, all nerds are not the same, just like all people aren't the same. We have different interests, personalities, motivations, and so on. But, what I believe links us nerds together is the passion and zeal we have for interests and hobbies that are considered obscure or not "mainstream". Whether it be computer science, comic books, engineering, or animated series, nerds take pleasure in learning more about their interests than the average person would even consider.

I think us blerds differentiate ourselves because we still like to identify ourselves with our culture. We are accepting of other nerds, but we definitely relate with other blerds because there's a shared commaraderie there. Though we may have different backgrounds, we still share a sense of kinship through our interests. Whether it be sharing a taste in music or a love for '90s black sitcoms, a bond is formed almost instantaneously.

So, I hope that this BlerdNation community can continue growing. It's important for us to have a platform to share ideas and opinions that may have been otherwise hidden and forgotten. Stay strong, Blerds!

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